Julien Bergeron

Structural Studies of Nanomachines 

Structural characterization of HIV-host interaction

HIV (Human Defficiency Virus) is the causative agent of AIDS, a disease that causes an estimated 1.3 M deaths annually. There is currently no cure or vaccine, although antiretroviral therapy has largely reduced mortality in western countries. Nonetheless more therapeutics are required to overcome drug resistance and prevent transmission.

Although HIV is a small virus, that encodes for only 9 genes, it forms a broad range of interactions with its host. I am interested in the structural and biochemical characterization of human proteins that interact with HIV, either as co-factors that promote HIV infection (Elongin B, Elongin C, Cullin 5, CRM1) or as restriction factors that prevent HIV replication (APOBEC3G, MX2).

Related publications:

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Latest News

22/12/16 - Our cryo-EM structure of the T3SS basal body has been published in the journal Nature: goo.gl/9grdaT

02/12/16 - I am recruiting a PhD student to join my (forthcoming) lab in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the University of Sheffield, UK. Interested candidates should apply here.

30/10/16 - I will be giving a talk at the Sheffield Imagine: Imaging Life launch symposium, in January 2017: http://goo.gl/bc72LW